MIcrosoft Imagine Cup Final 2011

assalamualaikum w.b.t

yeah, second outing with the project. First time waktu di UMP Innovasi & Rekacipta, we won silver award, this time we aim higher, borneo we fly, new york is waiting. InsyaAllah. To be shortlisted in 30 best projects is not an easy task. 80% complete, plus the video! errgghhh...Luckily we have 3 dedicated group members. Same aim, same objective. To win glory for the university.


oh today got intensive class with language department. Must brush up our communication skills. =.=' xpelah, utk diri sendiri jugak..kata hatiku sendirian. wahaha! tiada idea nak cerita, semoga semua mengikut racangan. Ameen. sedang sibuk memikirkan apa nak gebang pada supervisor esok...haih~

off to bed bebeh,


sudah lama...

assalamualaikum w.b.t

berhabuk sungguh tengok blog ni, ayoooo!

Final Examination.
Alhamdulillah, kini tinggal satu je lagi paper, Digital Forensics. So far, 3 subjek dah lepas, Network Intrusion Detection System, Wireless Network Security and Information Security Management. Semua sangat susah, tapi semua berjawab. =.=' The market in security is very demanding, yet the other university still do not have the skills and module. Nah, lucky for us, 2 extra certs untuk masa depan, CEH(Certified Ethical Hacker) and CHFI(Certified Hacking Forensics Investigator) endorsed by EC-Council. Syukur kepada Allah. Semoga semua berjaya mengharungi paper terakhir dengan jayanya. InsyaAllah. Suka juga nak bagitahu, kami bukan jurusan Information Technology(IT) tapi itu hanya merupakan one small part of out module. Bukan juga Software Engineering(SE) tapi kami tetap kena develop a system. Nasib baik ilmu ni diturunkan oleh mahaguru-mahaguru di IRIS Technology Bhd. haha! :) 

Ouh, kini tidak lagi menjadi ahli celebrity fitness. =.=' fitness dah drop jadi -ve. Lama sungguh tak bersukan secara serius. Al maklumlah tahun akhir ni, terlalu busy dengan final year project, subjects, xmahulah tersangkut di tahun akhir. InsyaAllah akan masuk latihan tahun akhir selama 5 bulan, bermula akhir bulan ni. Moga segalanya berjalan seperti dirancang.

Final Year Project
Syukur kepada Allah, hasil perit jerih bertungkus lumus. Kini, selesai sudah...:)

Kenyir International Triathlon.
Improved by 35minutes. For this time, swim course tak bawak masalah dan tidak tersesat lalu dihentakkan kepala dengan marshall guna paddle kayak dia. haih~ tapi taktik kali ni langsung xmengena, plan nak buat below 37minutes, tapi LAGI LAMBAT dari waktu swimming 2 tahun edisi kenyir. Tak tahu mana silapnya, freestyle steady je, berhenti sebab kene tendang muka 2 kali, tapi xla lama mana, musykil...basikal, dapat kejar aiman tapi langsung xperasan overtake die tgh menuntun basikal menuruni bukit curam! hahaha aimannnn~ xpakai spec kayuh, kalut sebab marah taktik xmenjadi punye pasal terus nak cepat tertinggal kat transition area. new run course, empangan yang sangat cantik, smpt snap gmbr lagi, wahahah! Timing untuk berlari ikut official timing 49mins, tapi xpakai timing chip pon. Ikut jam di tangan 45mins. Alhamdulillah. Oh ya, 2XU adalah penaja rasmi tri-suit kami bertiga, aiman, amirul, dan aku sendiri. haha, harapan la nak sponsor. Chan memakai brand descente.

courtesy of muhammadamirulhafiz.blogspot.com
chan xleh masuk gang, tri-suit lain. hehehe

Microsoft Imagine Cup Final 2011
Terlalu busy dengan preparation untuk final di Kuching. Alhamdulillah, shortlisted top 30. InsyaAllah akan bertolak ke sana pada hari rabu, flight jam 1230? xigt plak...pray for us, Idenver UPNM. 

Enough for now. Until we meet again, 

See You,


long absence.

assalamualaikum w.b.t

Dearest family and friends, im back in the blogging world. Just for youuuu..:) sorry for the long silent. its been 41 days i left my complete civilian life, and IRIS for sure but i have to get back on track on shape asap no matter what. oh i miss the moment. So many things happended and i ENJOYED it very much. The warm welcomed by the trainers make us more slim. more SUFFER. hahaha...i lost 2 kilos in one night. Yeah, military approaches is the best-way-training in diet programme,i admit it. 6 months without training really give pain to the comrades, the so-called 'budak syarikat'. gemuk tak hingat. nasib baik, i actively running and racing during the 'holiday'. i clocked my PB in 12km, 52mins. i completed powerman malaysia 2010, penang bridge marathon and some other races! but still i gained 2 extra unwanted kilos. :)

Latihan Ketenteraan Perkhidmatan.
ok, we the 'budak syarikat' just joined the other comrades during the week 3 of the military traininig period. they enjoyed the physical training everyday morning without us. all the siderolls, forward rolls, commando rest, knuckle clap, hammerlight, whatelse? are common during the training. The first day, one of 'budak syarikat' vomited, haha! teruk betul 'budak syarikat' ni. UNFIT EVERYWHERE.

Eco Challenge UPNM 2010.
a well-known battalion, with the strentgh, beautiful strong ladies and idle punye attitude are the trademarks. TUAH the Breakers. the team was joined by one of the 'budak syarikat' and that was me. I know, im still the best in this kind of  military games. i was the platoon commander of the 'elite team' before doing my internship outside. we did great and won the competetion. i found it very difficult to catch up the other members and i tried my best. the log-run i pushed too hard to be in the fore front. when it comes to the jungle tracking....only God knows my suffer. Being one of the three last men, sweeper for the team tersangatlah tension dengan condition aku yang baru balik 2 minggu. Extra weapons and bagpacks are common. Tapi, still gagah setia. no give up. merempuh halangan buat sebelah mata je xde hal. kayak partner with suria, the iron lady. and comes the 300kilos battle boat to be carried along in the 2 kilos run. and and we won it. A new casio protrek is mine. A triple sensor watch to show off to the other comrades that we are the champion. and not forget the defending champion trophy, zul zainal trrophy.

16.5kg bagpacks, 3.5kg weapon, 1.5kg of webbing and 15kg log.
during kayaking with suria. ready to jump off.
united tuah.
too little to long.
kayaking with the ironlady.
The crowned champion. Once again.
us, with the new brand watch.

NYC @ Berkelah Waterfall.

one more level to the peak.

new style of celebration with chums, amirul dan aiman. So sad chan cant make it. we joined UIA hiking group since they invited us and we suddently get the gate pass. what a coincidence. I planned many times to join nadea's group since we still in relationship. and we, oh i made it this year. :) Met the hyperactive jr, anis and her friend, enchanted make us crazier. dalam hujan dok borak lagi pasal 'when i was..' haha. nice to meet you all. and hoping to join you all again next time. oh sweet escape.

The Final Semester.
3 weeks went crazy fighting for my right. i just want to do my project, not yours. Im the one who are going to face all these things and not even you. I hope you understand. Now, i have to move fast. im 2 chapters slower than the roomates. Thank You Very Much. I want to commision on time and get saluted on time. Dear God, please help me. Amin.

The Farewell.
Mam Sherry and Mam Moziyana are preparing for the Pelajaran Habis Dah at UKM. they pursue their study in comp science. I wish them all the best. We shared a lot of fun and we gonna miss the moment, for sure. Mam Mozi was our academic adviser for the past 5 semesters. Sorry for all my wrongdoings and thank you very much for all your efforts and your helping hands and ears. 

the picture with some of the lecturers 
oh, there is our new appointed IC, John Mat S Terry, in the middle of the 2nd row. 

Passing Out Parade 2011.
Congrats to all seniors. Good luck in your future undertakings. The day is you all's. I dont care doing fatique since the juniors also will do the same thing to me. Oh, next is my time. praying for the best. I want the top award. and command the parade in front of Tuanku. Jangan Gelak. :)

till we meet again,