registration day 2010.

assalmualaikum w.b.t

saturday, may 22nd 
westpoint style..more american and smart.

the r-day is a registration day designed and planned to welcome our new junior to our community.intelligent officers, lebih smart and 'waras' compared to other msian military colleges.this day reminds me to my last-day-as-civillian. During my time, those days as junior were sucks. =)  

i hope they, the new cadets will enjoy my short story taken from my first half-way diary named 'The Bullshit'

 " Let’s start at the beginning.  Once upon a time, in land far far away there was a 'orang kampung' who decided he was going to go to UPNM.  This boy grew up in Gombak and his name is Ahmad Syazwan Rusli.  Long story short, I GOT IN!!!!!!!  I got accepted and was sooooo excited. Decisions, decisions……  Did I really want to go to UPNM and go the 4 years route?  YES!  I figured, 4 year route or not, at the end of the day, I’ll be UPNM graduate. A captain, an army officer, a gentleman, a warrior and serve my country. God's willing. Thank you very much......................................... "

........3 years already, one more year left if and only if i pass all my subjects.Amin..

youre on candid camera!

eco-challenge champion.

i did it.

kinabalu 07

black-man kutik


taktik kotor.=)

military class-theory.

upnm - usafa

train to kill.

charging my frens.

the interview-cum-conference with nestle.

enjoying milo for free.

on board LAS Destroyer, Russia's

hukuman untuk budak nakal.


aku di perantauan

farewell parade.

these pictures are some of the moments captured during freshmen days to senior nowadays.
academics and military, equivalent.

ok go go..=)

assalamualaikum w.b.t

hye gang..
kebosanan di kala latihan ketenteraan perkhidmatan kali ni.agak pelik tapi benar.
sebelum ni xpernah terjadi kejadian 'terasa lapang di dada' semasa latihan..
mungkin kali ni, selepas meluahkan segala yang terpendam di hati..
itu sudah cukup buat aku gumbira.
gagahkan hati nak tanye stret...=)

stronger man.

yes, now i agree dat letting go is better.
giving on sumone doesnt show u are weak.
just go and move on.

p/s : da pack semua hadiah yg diterima,letak dlm kotak nnt bawak balik...xbaek buang =)


reasons why.

1. cgpa problem.
2. 'things' dat often happen everytime we meet.
3. guilty towards u. 
4. cant control emotions.
5. ive tried to fight all problems above but i FAILED to.

pain is temporary.
now, i manage to increase my cgpa to 3 above.
now, i manage to control my emotions.
now, im ready to commit.
now, i declare to change my attitude, be more firm and rational.

but, one thing i wanna tell you.
for me, first love never die.
liar, if i can forget u.
liar, if i can erase all the memories.

why i keep changing my words?
i said a than b, than c.
ok, my fault.
but u cant judge me based on that situation.

from now on, i wanna tell u this.
and i want u to know dat i can leave u as u wish.
but, u will never be replaced.
remember 'cuppycake'..=)

to whom who concern.

"Giving up on someone doesn’t always mean you are weak,
sometimes it means that you are strong enough to let go"


khas buat mu.

Dear Ruhani Bt Mahmood,

Mum you're every woman in the world to me,
You're my fantasy, you're my reality,
Mum you're every woman in the world to me,
You're everything i need,
You're ev'rything to me, oh mum.

Thank you very much Ruhani Bt Mahmood for everything.

specifically for you from your child soldier.



.the end

the end and the counting of the day.

assalamualaikum w.b.t

"syazwan please meet me after final ni."...
"ap kes pulak ni. orang nak celebrate habis exam ni?" haha, xkisah la...
fokus tadi mmg totally pada paper arini, software engineering.
xnak pikir laen, 110% preparation for this time. harap bawak hasil.
well, rezeki tuhan bagi boleh jawab last paper for this sem dgn tenang walau dalam keketaran kesejukan.=)
syukur alhamdulillah.

jadual arini diteruskan untuk bertemu penyelia projek sarjana muda, pn fatimah.
sekotak besar atas meja, rm**k RFID training machine.
"ok, as u can see this is RFID training machine...and for your PSM i want u to make a full use of this machine."
RFID ?????
hanya terpikir pasal kawalan perimeter sebab slalu tgk discovery channel der~
and for sure timing chip. YES, TIMING CHIP is gonna be my PSM. i decided.
listening to her explaination makes me more konfius.
"ive to do a lot of homeworks, a lot of studies during my-exam-free-crazee utk projek ni.!!!"
what the heck??
but, its ok since pn fatimah willing to help us early early before we depart to our company for internship programme.Oh my God, LI? hahaha hidup gua bahagia. Thanks to pn fatimah. Sinar matahari PSM da trase. haha.

oh, internship in one big thing.Tapi xpela, duduk rumah sri gombak, naek jazz neo oren, keluar rumah pas subuh, pakai planters..wahhh, indah pabila mengimbau kisah sebelum bergelar parajurit ni. rindu! haha..

hhmmm, cukuplah buat masa ni. byk lagi hal penting nak kene setel. packing buku2, baju2, pas habis militray semester kali ni akan terus LI, so kene pack sume bawak balik termasuk spike boot drill bot? kahkhakhakah bagi adek2 pakai.

need to get into my stamina back, original shape, burning lipid. burning in hell.

perhentian, here i come!
bunga, i will arrange another trip for you jgn sedeyh..=)