reasons why.

1. cgpa problem.
2. 'things' dat often happen everytime we meet.
3. guilty towards u. 
4. cant control emotions.
5. ive tried to fight all problems above but i FAILED to.

pain is temporary.
now, i manage to increase my cgpa to 3 above.
now, i manage to control my emotions.
now, im ready to commit.
now, i declare to change my attitude, be more firm and rational.

but, one thing i wanna tell you.
for me, first love never die.
liar, if i can forget u.
liar, if i can erase all the memories.

why i keep changing my words?
i said a than b, than c.
ok, my fault.
but u cant judge me based on that situation.

from now on, i wanna tell u this.
and i want u to know dat i can leave u as u wish.
but, u will never be replaced.
remember 'cuppycake'..=)

to whom who concern.

"Giving up on someone doesn’t always mean you are weak,
sometimes it means that you are strong enough to let go"


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  2. en iwan oi~
    perhaps da second thought tu betul la kn.
    strong enough to let go~
    it isn't easy, believe me i noe it well

  3. eh, 'da second one'..
    ap lak yg ko pikir?

  4. i mean quotation kat bwh pic tu la oi~

  5. =)
    pikah ape kabar?
    bile mahu kawen?