registration day 2010.

assalmualaikum w.b.t

saturday, may 22nd 
westpoint style..more american and smart.

the r-day is a registration day designed and planned to welcome our new junior to our community.intelligent officers, lebih smart and 'waras' compared to other msian military colleges.this day reminds me to my last-day-as-civillian. During my time, those days as junior were sucks. =)  

i hope they, the new cadets will enjoy my short story taken from my first half-way diary named 'The Bullshit'

 " Let’s start at the beginning.  Once upon a time, in land far far away there was a 'orang kampung' who decided he was going to go to UPNM.  This boy grew up in Gombak and his name is Ahmad Syazwan Rusli.  Long story short, I GOT IN!!!!!!!  I got accepted and was sooooo excited. Decisions, decisions……  Did I really want to go to UPNM and go the 4 years route?  YES!  I figured, 4 year route or not, at the end of the day, I’ll be UPNM graduate. A captain, an army officer, a gentleman, a warrior and serve my country. God's willing. Thank you very much......................................... "

........3 years already, one more year left if and only if i pass all my subjects.Amin..

youre on candid camera!

eco-challenge champion.

i did it.

kinabalu 07

black-man kutik


taktik kotor.=)

military class-theory.

upnm - usafa

train to kill.

charging my frens.

the interview-cum-conference with nestle.

enjoying milo for free.

on board LAS Destroyer, Russia's

hukuman untuk budak nakal.


aku di perantauan

farewell parade.

these pictures are some of the moments captured during freshmen days to senior nowadays.
academics and military, equivalent.


  1. =) semalam genap 3 tahun hidup di upnm.
    leteyh, sedeyh, hepi, bengkek, meletop sume ade.