the dream of a dead-man.

salam gang.

da agak lame xupdate blog ni,tersgt bz dgn tugas sbg ic class yang telah melakukan dua kesalahan besar..haih~kamu co*k up la syazwan. hahahha...cant forget that 6 stupid letter words..
anyway,mase utk submit resume da nak habes,aku da prepare awal2 lagi,dgn harapan akan akan tergolong di kalangan yang menjalani latihan industri di luar dari kem tentera.bawak doa org kampung ni..=) currently waiting for call from 4 private companies.ive submited my cv and hoping that they will
accidently read mine.haha.

this is syazwan with his fastest car, hey mr bossman i can drive larh!
smartest car parking ever.

last sunday,a group of microsoft staff came and having a talk about imagine cup 2010 with the students,en rizal asked me to come but sorry sir i cant make it because ive criterium race at sepang. i was dreaming to join the competition again as
a competitor,no more a DRIVER! i told ahmad bout this, i know only ahmad can hear syazwan and only syazwan will not underestimate him. Because ahmad and syazwan adelah org same and i realized that i can only talk to syazwan selagi aku xberubah.

come on ahmad,wake up and smell of the coffeeeeee!
u are far away behind others.!!


the dream, poland 2010.

kau anak system analyst,kau anak org kampung,
tapi orang kampung tu boleh jadi system analyst,KAU?

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