Completed the Putrajaya Night Marathon yesterday!! My First Marathon!!

Took me 5 hours and 34 minutes to complete the 26.2 mile distance. I had hoped to finish in less than five hours, but I am not disappointed with the finish time.

The weather was very cold all through!! It was about 23 celcius when I left the camp in the evening at around 5:00 PM, and it must have increased to 22 celcius during the race. After training all through military approches, the cold temperatures during the race was a bit of a challenge. However, it is much better the weather being cold than warm.

My friends and I had a very limited time to rest and sleep, LUCKILY, we have to move to valley block. arrgghh ap mental idop nomad ni and we gathered in front of mess cadet and the cadet-incharge for this race gave us a quick briefing about this nightmare marathon. 

Reached putajaya with abang lang,kitorg makan lambat so kene tggl ngan truck..hehe stayed around for a while at masjid besi,waiting for maghrib after picking up my number, speed tag and a goodie-bag with a T-shirt and other interesting stuff. We had a mile long walk to the starting point - this was a good warming up before the start of the race.lari laju2 takut lambat.

A huge mistake I did before the start of the race was to have char kuey teow before the race! Consequently had to run the entire race with HOT and BURNING stomach. I had planned to have a simple but enough food at the putrajaya's R&R, but only a few cafes was open! selling only rice without chicken,syrup without ice, hot coke, and sayur keras.syal tol la. If at all I am in this situation again, I will have my delicious meel at mess cadet, never mind how delicious and expensive it is ;-) hahaha.

Around 300 runners were running the Putrajaya Night Marathon this year, and there were more runners participating in the half-marathon and the 7.7K race and even the fun run. The race started at 2000H sharp!and some of us were lost and we cant wait for them,banyak maen sgt ni.padan muke start lambat.hahaa..

alaaaaa,dorg ni da ajak g makan la, so ill update later,:) bye world.

to be continued...