assalamualaikum w.b.t
Guys, lecturers, pnFatimah, pnMozi and pnSuhaila, sorry sgttt xsmpt nak reply msg or call. Easy to say I'm really busy with my internship at IRIS Corporation Bhd. But, hold my words, this is syazwan and ill try my best to complete the task given to me.

It's my second week yesterday but then, I started my work at 0830H and gone back at 1800pm for the past week. and that was considered early. and to make it more interesting, my table is next to otai-otai engineer di IRIS. nice~

and it's really really interesting and the experiences I'd gained for the past two weeks really priceless!. everyone really helpful and friendly, I felt like I'd already part of them although it's only my second week there!.

from IE manager, kak nor to my senior engineer, semua baek.=) We breakfast and lunch together everyday without failed. But, when it comes to work, oh tuhan sesungguhnya aku rasa aku mempunyai otak kosong. hahaha... fyi, we are given subsidies for our lunch.semuanya free of charge!. ironically, we still have our lunch outside iris. giant, medan selera tpm and bandar kinrara. They have big salaries, ive big appetite with so-so salaries..nasibbaik leh idop lagi.. My supervisor is 26-year old man, master in software eng : en Fauzhan.

anyway, sorry for the late update. busy with internship and helping my stomach in kedai everyday.

owh ye, oficially posted to Industrial Engineering Department of IRIS Corp from UPNM.=)



  1. take your time...i know u can do it...good luck...
    mem mozie....