join me, keep fit!
these are some activities, captured during my interns programme at iris.
51 days to go.

iris futsal 2010.

prepare for trouble.

juz before the quater final match.

no 1 for champion.

HR man, abg shah. juniors, contact him for placing in iris next time.

the 'ladies'.

blood donation campaign 2010.

omg, first timer. saye takut nak tgk reading BP saya doctor. = ='

yeah, i feeeel good.
120/80, 56bits per minute.

 ''you army? why are you here?''
"for you doc!"

Blood type O for superhero syazwan.

adakah anda tergolong?

kudapan after donate.

dato' vincent tan, the owner.

and there are still a lot of activities i joined. I feel so great to do my interns here, di iris. In terms of payment, food, officemates, oh the ladies, manager, the ex-boy now a director, we shared our experiences during army training together, he asked me to do front support. what a life!. unless the distance. :(
owh ya, the tasks also superb banyak, "for future ahmad!"

caligraphy competition.
health quiz.
makan dan makan.
kenyang dan kenyang lagi. wow!

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