thousand million miles.

hitam dan putih hidup kebelakangan ini.

assalamualaikum wbt.
its been an amazing week and amazing day to update my blog, at home! 

3 big events, 2 missed.
aih, terasa sangat jealous dengan amirul and aiman since dorg skrg dah jadi half ironman finisher.aku still olympic distance finisher dari dulu smpi sekarang. both, sesat time swim yg menyebabkan pancit tahap death!
well, at least masa aku tak bazir stay kat rumah, here is the best reason for my absence at desaru and newton run. i joined ump innovation and design cmpetition. we won silver and one special award, that is most happening booth!

i think this is UMP's vice cansellor.
one of the judges,a professor in electrical.
walking down the lane.
3 muskeeters, the participants,ambassadors and winners.
also one of the judges, a lecturer at UMP.
dari perlis sampailah ke sabah, kami telah menggebang.
explaining about the project 
sila sengetkan komputer anda. tq
here comes the true legend, prof rizal.

this competition is the first of its kind i participated. i was in dilemma to choose either sports or academics, back to my objective in upnm, to become a intelligent officer with physical and strength. Then, i chose this competetion. i have many certs in sports. 3 folders. i was in athletics before, dah cover 1 folder. :)
long way to go. satu sem lagi di upnm! insyaAllah.
a silver and one special awards, enough describe thousands stories. critics and yells, all absorbed nicely. 

congratulation to all upnm super duper triathletes, you all sucks! xtunggu aku. i don care, promise ill be back!

p/s: owh ye, ask no why my name is farahi, ask where is syazwan's.

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